Why should I choose your company over another company?

  We at Best Roof Jax, LLC are confident that when you consider all factors (price, quality, reputation,    service, and professionalism) we are the best choice in roofing for the north Florida area.  We are debt    free, we only hire the best employees, we are family owned and operated, and we care about our  customers and our community.  We are more than a roofing company--we are family!

Do you sub-contract your work or do you have employees?

All of our workers are employees who are eligible to work in the USA.  We perform background checks and only hire the best employees!  WE DON'T SUBCONTRACT!

How long has your company been in business?

Best Roof was started in 2005, and recently filed articles of organization to form a LLC in 2015.  We have been operational since 2005.

Are you licensed and insured?

Best Roof Jax, LLC is licensed by the Florida Department of Building and Professional Regulation--license number CCC1331044 and we carry General Liability insurance and worker's compensation insurance.

Are you a member of the BBB?

Yes, Best Roof Jax is a member of the north Florida BBB and have a __ rating.

How much does a new roof cost?

This would depend on the size of roof and which of our packages you would prefer.  The average roof cost is in the $5,000 - $7,000 range however this is just an average number.  We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate (price quote).  Please use our contact page or give us a call.

Which is better: shingles or metal?

Both are excellent choices.  With Atlas shingles your roof should last forever--and be algae free for that time period.  Metal is an excellent choice however there are different grades of metal.  Exposed fastener metal is the most inexpensive metal (and most popular), but there are drawbacks i.e every screw is potentially a leak.  We reduce this risk by installing special underlayment with our metal roof systems. Standing Seam is the best metal--however it is also the most expensive.

Will a new roof lower my insurance rates?

It could!  Our Best Premium package is designed to get you a discount on your homeowner's insurance.  Please contact us for more information regarding the discount.

Does the dumpster for debris damage my driveway?

The type of dumpster we use for residential projects is a dump trailer with 4 wheels.  It is lightweight and we use a smaller truck to tow it.  We use this type of system to eliminate any damage that could be caused to your driveway by roll-off style dumpsters and/or big heavy trucks.

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